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Do I need to pay to apply for a credit card merchant account?

No, there is no charge to submit the online application, regardless of whether your application is accepted or rejected.

Do you charge a Merchant Account setup fee?

There are some business types and jurisdictions where a set up fee will be applicable dependent upon the amount of work involved in placement. However if this applies to your application you will be notified of the fee applicable. Please note that most merchants can be placed without a set up fee being paid but we do reserve the right to charge on should it be deemed necessary.

When do I get paid?

Weekly, we settle all our payments at the start of each week.

What extra equipment will I need to purchase?

You will not require any additional hardware or resources; you will either have a Virtual Terminal or a software solution (API) that can be integrated directly into your existing shopping cart to give real time authorisation and processing.

Are there any additional charges?

After your initial setup costs, there will be no recurring charges or membership fees.

Are there any hidden costs?

There are no hidden costs that will appear at a later date, what you see is what you pay.

Which countries can you provide merchant accounts for?

We can provide merchant accounts in almost every country, subject to a full risk assessment.

Which countries can I sell to?

Our merchant accounts allow you to accept payments from customers all over the world as long as they are pay using a Visa or MasterCard. (American Express and Discover on request).

What details will appear on the customers credit card statement?

Your order reference and or company name will appear on the customer’s statement. However this can be customised to the customers requirement through the PayWorld Gateway.

What is a Payment Gateway?

Payment Gateway is an eCommerce application service provider that will sit between your website and the bank. It facilitates the transfer of the buyer’s payment details (credit card and addresses) to the acquiring bank to authorise the payment. All merchants require a Payment Gateway to be able to accept payments online.

How long does it take to setup the gateway?

The normal setup time for the Payment Gateway for most merchants is 24 hours.

How can I take payment for goods/service?

You can either take payment using a virtual terminal where you enter the payment details manually into an online system. Or, you have an integrated Payment Gateway that is attached through software to your online ecommerce shopping basket and the payments are processes automatically.

I have an existing merchant account with a different merchant account provider?

We can allow you to transition your merchant account onto our Payment Gateways – so you can start processing payments immediately.

Is there any long term contract or cancellation fees?

We do not impose any long term contracts or cancellation fees.

Is their any recurring billing options available?

Our system can allow recurring billing on to charge customers on daily, weekly, monthly and annually. You can totally customize this option to your individual requirements, and you can get the number of payments, the amount, the frequency of the recurring billing.

Is your gateway compatible with any shopping cart or eCommerce website?

Basically, yes. We have never had a merchant that could not integrate the Payment Gateway to their shopping cart. Our Payment Gateway can be setup with all websites written in any language, as your website would be configured to post the payment data to our gateway through an XML API. Please enquire if you would like to find out more.

Is the Payment Gateway easy to integrate into my website?

Yes, we provide all the relevant documentation and source code – and can usually be integrated into your website within a few hours. The full detailed instructions are emailed to you as soon as the Payment Gateway is setup.

Is my business high risk or low risk?

The “risk” associated with Merchant Accounts (High risk, low risk etc.,) is determined from the nature of the business; businesses that are normally classified as high risk usually include adult websites, gambling, Casino, pharmacy…etc. These types of business will have a high chargeback and refund possibility, as customers may not be happy with their purchase. Businesses that are considered to be possible fly-by-night businesses can also be considered to be high risk. Low Risk is generally normal retail business trading on the internet.

How old do I have to be to obtain a merchant account?

You must be at least 21 years of age and you must provide proof of ID.

What are the benefits of having a merchant account?

Merchants can have total flexibility of how they would like their online store to function as well as getting one flat processing rate for credit card transactions, whereas normally companies are issued with approximately 30 different rates for each different type of card. You may be able to get a better discount rate through PayWorld saving you money. Merchants can also have their funds transferred into any account worldwide – offshore account – to get additional taxation benefits.

What is the minimum / maximum order value that customers can pay?

We have no maximum transaction value, but we do have a minimum transaction value. The minimum transaction value (in US Dollars) must exceed $1.00

What type of goods can I sell online through this merchant account?

Our merchant accounts are suitable for merchants who wish to sell downloadable content (in digital format, usually emailed / downloaded) and physical products or services.

How would I process refunds to customers?

You would need to contact customer services and provide details of the relevant transaction. PayWorld will then refund the customer on your behalf.

Merchant Account Services & Offshore Accounts

Payworld is a specialist service provider to help businesses that are already trading or starting up to leverage the experience of the processing industry and get the best processing rates and settlement times to make sure that payments are not hindering the business.


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